We arrange luxury hosting packages primarily for business persons and tourists, including:

    Guided tours with Ministry of Tourism licensed tour guides and professional drivers

    Tours in all languages

    Tours adapted to diverse target populations

    Let us plan and carry out a special tour for you

Types of tours and trips

Luxury vacation packages

Enjoy what our concierge, Israel tours and luxury vacation packages have to offer! 

All you need to do for your next vacation in Israel is to choose your location, and we’ll plan all the rest.

Enjoy Jerusalem’s lanes and alleys, the Old City and the Western Wall.  Try our colorful, moving tour of Tzfat (Safed) and its holy streets and paths.


Christianity is one of the three monotheistic religions, its humble beginnings taking shape in the land of Israel some 2000 years ago.


Trips to al Aqsa Mosque, the Muslim Quarter in the Old City, and the Old City shuq